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Guild Migration to Scripted Cata Server 4.0.6

This is the new guildsite:

We decided on officer and guild meeting to move the guild to

After some months playing on Monster Server, and evaluating the huge difference between Monster and Freakz, we agreed it is the best choice for a guild who always looks for new challenges.
Those who seek scripted content, will be very pleased with this server. In the worst scenario, you still have your toons on monster or redemption and you can always go back (i doubt you don't like freakz tho)

The realmlist: set realmlist
The Realm: Exodus
The Faction: Alliance
The Guild: Ejusdem Generis

P.D: you can write /who generis, and if there's someone online he will join you to the guild, or you can just look for me: "Luminosa" (Draenei Paladin)

See you there guys!
Fer (Tao/Runika/Luminosa)

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Other Guild News

Scripted cataclysm server (meeting on Monster server)

-EG-Runik, Sep 16, 11 8:28 AM.
This saturday, we will have a meeting on to discuss the possibility to migrate the guild to a scripted Cataclysm Realm, at 8 pm Monster server time (that would be 1pm Redemption server time)
We have been testing this server for some time now, and we want to discuss it first on officer meeting, and later on an open meeting with members from Monster, and those from Redemption who wants to assist.
Just as a little advance, it's a fun rate realm (30x), classes work at 99% -some classes 100%-, cataclysm dungeons are scripted, raids in progress, ALL WOTLK content 100% scripted (ICC, Ruby Sanctum, Trial of the Crusader, etc)...
All proffesions working, even archaelogy.

See you there,

Best Wishes

P.D: sorry to post here, i don't have another way to let you guys know... Good Luck!

GuildMaster Funkmode

-EG-Runik, Aug 8, 11 9:45 PM.

Welcome Praetor Funkmode!

GuildMaster Funkmode:
After almost one month of work as Leader on Redemption, Funkmode has earned the rank and the responsability to lead the Guild. Best luck for you my brother and good fortune for Ejusdem Generis on Eternal-WoW. You will always have brothers on Monster-WoW aswel!


July 09ยบ Guild Meeting: Exodus Discussion

-EG-Runik, Jul 9, 11 9:59 PM.


Saturday 19º, July:
The guildmembers have been summoned on Shattrath to discuss an urgent matter.
We want to present the oportunity for a change, the idea to move the guild to a new Cataclysm Server:
The votation starts today, and we will give one week for members to express your ideas on the designed thread (check the members forum).

The EG Staff

July Headstaff Meeting

-EG-Runik, Jun 29, 11 8:33 AM.

Officer Meeting: July 2°

This Saturday, July 2°, officers and volunteers for new duty ranks are summoned to assist the first Headstaff Reunion of the Month. The meeting will take place in Undercity at 13:00 p.m. server time.
Please, confirm your assistance to the guildmaster via mail (in-game).


Training Season Open!

-EG-Runik, Jun 23, 11 7:50 AM.

Training Season

About Guild Raids:
 * After a whole month of continuous daily raiding, specially ICC and VoA 25, we have confirmed a large number of players who don't reach the minimum standards required for high end raids. Many players don't know their rotations, their builds, or even the tactics/ strategies for the most usual raids (ICC - VoA). This behaviour in the context of a raid, results in wipe.
* Starting this past Tuesday 21th, the guildraid schedule has been suspended until further notice. All members will be tested on their usual jobs within a raid: dps/ healing/ tanking, also the basic theory regarding their classes (roll, stat weights, gemming, enchanting, etc). All those people who need help will be trained, advised and helped by their respective class instructors.
* People who don't want to cooperate with this task, will be removed from the guild, since we assume such attitude as a lack of interest about the common good of the group.

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